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Zinniaville Secondary School is a combined Primary and Secondary School located in Rustenburg.

Founded in 1974, ZSS has consistently delivered top performing Learners and Educators, including two National Teacher’s Awards winners.

Our strong academic achievements are a result of the focus, commitment and excellent work ethic of both our educators and learners.

Our educators not only facilitate learning but also instill Respect, Discipline and a sound Value System.

ZSS is committed to providing a holistic and balanced learning environment to fully develop the young minds entrusted to us in a relevant, safe and caring, multi-cultural environment. We develop the individual and encourage creativity.

ZSS Welcomes new Principal in 2020

Ms. Farzana Suliman


In 2020 Ms Suliman became the Principal of Zinniaiville Secondary School.

Ms Suliman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the post.

Ms Suliman has had a storied career at Zinniaville Secondary School where she has achieved many milestones including winning the National Teacher Awards in 2018 for best Mathematics Educator in high school

Our commitment at Zinniaville Secondary School is to provide an intellectually stimulating environment that will indeed empower the learners to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners able to think in the 21st century.

High standards and expectations for each learner in regard to academic performance, co-curricular participation and responsible citizenship are the core foundations of our school.

It is with pride that we hold the high standard and ask each of our learners to commit to maintaining the extraordinary records of achievement and contribution that has been the hallmark of ZSS.

As you peruse our website, you will notice a kaleidoscope of activities that is constantly offered to our learners and note the various achievements of both our educators and learners.

We are also proud to announce that three of our current educators represented the North West province at the National Teacher Awards.

Finally I am thrilled that you have decided to view our school website in order to learn more about our wonderful learners, staff and the programmes we have to offer

Thank You

Ms F Suliman

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